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Betty Boop’s “Big Break.”  Written by Joshua Quagmire, penciled by Milton Knight, lettered and inked by Leslie Carbaga, colored by Michael McCormick. Cover by Carbaga.

It’s strange that a cartoon character as recognized and beloved as Betty Boop has had precious few appearances in comic books. This gem from First Publishing, appearing in 1990 for Betty’s 60th anniversary, is one of the easiest to come by.

The story has Betty working in Depression Era Coney Island. She’s not thrilled with the job nor with her overbearing boss. She has big dreams of show business. The book is an all-out tribute to the early Fleischer Studios Betty Boop cartoons, and features a lot of her old cartoon friends including the inventor Grampy, her dog Bimbo, and Koko the Clown. The creative team gets extra extra kudos for including a cartoon Cab Calloway in the cast of characters!

Following the main story is a text piece by Leslie Carbaga, written in the style of a tabloid article interviewing Betty and some of her old associates. The article is really a playful way of telling some of the real history of Betty Boop.

If we could have more Betty Boop comics that were this good, I would love it.


Leslie Carbaga can draw Betty with ease and make her look exactly like she does in the cartoons from the cartoons from 1931-1932. He actually caught up with some of the animators, and even spoke to Ann Rothschild & Mae Questel, ect to get information on Betty Boop and the Fleischer Studios, to be honest he actually brought Betty back to light at one point.